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Monday, September 9, 2013

"I Resemble that Remark"

 (Three Stooges anyone?....)

Have you heard about the new 'words' Washington State has passed as gender biased and banned from our vernacular? Take the word 'freshman' for example, now we must refer to 'freshmen' as first-year-students. If you know someone who fishes, you'd better not call them a 'fisherman', that's sexist, you must call them a 'fisher'. How about penmanship? Nope, that's called handwriting now.
I cannot even believe that over 40,000 'gender biased' words were changed in our state. We are the fourth state to change these words.
I really don't understand it and it makes me upset to know that our tax dollars, time, energy, money, energy, being put into this kind of ridiculous effort not to offend anyone. Our society is becoming too 'politically correct' trying not to offend anyone.
It's upsetting to me that saying the word Christmas is no longer acceptable and we have to say Holiday instead. At my old job they told us we had to answer the phone and say Happy Holidays. I always said Merry Christmas and nobody ever had any complaints, in fact, 80% of the people I talked to thanked me for saying the word Christmas!
Taking out the line "under God" from the pledge of allegiance is especially saddening. I won't get into it anymore than I already have because I could go on and on, but I wanted to let the universe know how ridiculously infuriating these changes are to me.
I'm offended that it's now legal to smoke marijuana in my state, let's ban it. I'm offended that school buses are yellow, I want them to be purple. I'm offended that more and more curse words are allowed on the radio and on TV. 100% of the population will EVER be satisfied, I would like to know when they will stop focusing on those unimportant things and focus on the REAL issues plaguing our state/country.

Imagine all the paperwork that will have to be thrown out and updated because of these word changes. I'm offended that it produces so much waste.

Another CRAZY bit of news is the fact that some young soccer teams in Canada have removed the soccer ball from SOCCER. Really? Wanting everyone to learn teamwork and how to have good sportsmanship (or should I say, sportspersonship?....huh...I don't wanna offend anyone with my sexist language) is a good thing. Removing the ball from soccer, not a good thing. It's allowing children to become entitled, creating a very false sense of accomplishment. What's going to happen when they start working at a company and they don't have instant success? They actually have to have responsibility and work for something? If they remove the proverbial ball from their ambitions, what's there to show for it? I want to read this book and feel accomplished, but I don't want to work for it so I'll just cut all the pages out, leaving only the covers. The only good that comes from removing the ball from soccer is that a few less kids will leave with bruises on their shins. Our society has started creating very lazy and self-important generations. This is just no good. It's ok, actually, it's more than ok, to lose a game. It's ok to win a game. It's ok to tie in a game.

I pledge to always say Merry Christmas, to speak a little louder when reciting the Pledge of Allegiance especially the "Under God" part, I pledge to encourage good teamwork and not encourage complacency, I pledge to build confidence and character in those around me without eliminating all possibilities of failure, I pledge to use failure as an opportunity to teach, I promise not to apologize for any of the above.

 Not learning how to lose would create chaos. Allowing yourself to become offended by the word 'freshman' would be chaos. PLEASE stop the madness.

 like my use of '  '  's ?

This probably doesn't even make sense at all. I'm SO tired but got on a bit of a rant. Sorry if I offended you ;)


Kristin said...

I totally agree with you. In one of my sociology/education classes, the teacher talked about how his son's class played Sorry, but they took out all of the Sorry cards in the deck and couldn't send people back to their start. We talked about how detrimental that was to kids and how they would never know how to accept loss and defeat and they would never be able to be a real part of society because of it. I mean, the entitlement young people feel already is extreme, and this just feels like we're adding to that. Ridiculous. It's no wonder sometimes that we're not the top in education...


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