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Monday, May 13, 2013

This site is so awesome if you like fireside talks. 
I don't want to be rich necessarily but I would love to be able to buy all of the books they have with these talks in them without feeling guilty.

Anybody have and favorite quotes from General Conference talks (or magazines from the Apostles) relating to the following topics?
Agency, Atonement, family, forgiveness & mercy, happiness, marriage, our potential, patriarchal blessings, plan of salvation, pornography, prayer, spiritual & physical preparedness. 

Send them on over if you do! (Or reference a favorite talk where you read the quote and I'll look it up)
The more the merrier!

I've been reading so many talks and Ensign articles lately and I really like it, it just takes a long time so no time to blog. Oh darn ;)

This is why.



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