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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Don't Care to Admit

A few days ago we had a 2nd year girls camp gathering with all the YW we will be helping with this year. One of the girls asked us what our deepest secret was. Nobody really answered that but I admitted something that is kind of embarrassing. So I've compiled a list of other facts that I don't care to admit about myself, but here I am doing it anyway.

1. I don't turn the radio station when Elton John comes on. I secretly enjoy his songs
2. Some days I don't change out of yoga pants until noon (or cough* 2 *cough)
3. Sometimes I leave an item that needs to be put away where it is even though I'm walking right by where it goes- I promise this isn't voluntary most of the time
4. I'm most likely singing a song in my head when I'm bored listening to someone talk
5. I make myself laugh out loud when I think certain things and that is really awkward when I'm sitting in the middle of a class or meeting
6. I sang a song about spelunking in my brain throughout one of my classes a few weeks ago

7. You should probably just watch this now. For some reason the lyrics are all backwards but you'll know when he starts singing about spelunking. I'm a spe-lunk-ER and I am in a cave....
8. I get scared super easy and want to throat punch someone when they scare me on purpose
9. I thought there was a tarantula in my bed at work two nights ago, I was up faster than a very wiley coyote--PS there wasn't
10. Pretty Little Liars.
11. I could eat sweet potato waffle fries until I had to be airlifted out of my house
12. Sometimes I sing that Miley Cyrus song about USA SUPER loud
13. I could solve the national debt if I could stop going to (slight exaggeration)
14. There are some weeks where I literally get four packages + a week - super embarrassing (but not all of them are for me!)
15. You know those totally artificial Captain Crunch ice cream bars- the pink ones?- Well I love them



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