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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Step 1

My first step to complete room domination is this:
(for those who don't know what that means, I don't either but I am redoing my room so just ignore my weird phrasing.)

I picked out some fabric the other night at JoAnn's (they have the biggest selection in town and it leaves much to be desired...oh Amy Butler fabric where are you?!) I had purchased some plain white curtains for my soon to be new room and wanted to dress them up a little bit. I found this funky yellow fabric, bought half a yard for $3 bucks on sale and got to work yesterday.
I figured out how wide and long I wanted them to be then cut my fabric double the width I wanted so I could have them been double sided. Then I ironed and sewed all the sides, leaving a small opening so I could turn it rightside out when I was done. After turning it I did a top stitch around the whole thing to close the small hole.
The whole time I was making these I was thinking I would stitch a small plastic hoop to the back then attach a hook to my window but then I decided I could do the same thing with ribbon. so I seem ripped in two spots on each tie back and sewed two pieces of ribbon on each to create a loop. Then resewed it and ironed it flat and voila! Times it by two and I made my self two custom tie backs that I didn't have to pay $15 for!

I can use them like this. Where I just tie the two loops together in the back. (I actually might add a button for this option later on...)
or, my personal favorite way of doing it is like this:
Sorry for the TERRIBLE pics they are from my ipod and so there are no settings whatsoever. Right now I have it held back with a tack until I can buy two hooks to screw into the wall but it works.
So simple. It took about 20 minutes total which could have been a little shorter if I hadn't been watching Paula Deen at the same time ;) So for 20 minutes and $3 it's not too bad. I also have quite a bit of fabric left probably 1/4 of a yard so I might use it in one of my cool picture frames for a little variety once I get my pictures up.

This Friday I'm going to IKEA. Or as I like to call it, Heaven. Honestly I could live there and never get bored of it. I would love to work at one, or own one ;). So I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be buying this bed  with this headboard (it's all about the extra storage baby!) I'll also probably walk out of there with multiple hanging shelves so I can get rid of my overcrowded desk, possibly a rug, maybe some frames and whatever other junk I can get my hands on. It's sick how much I will probably get there. But my room and my life should end up being better for it.

In other news, I babysat all weekend except for Sunday, I had some help so I could go to Oregon to see a friends Missionary farewell. Their church building is in Boring, Or haha. The car ride WAS pretty boring.  5hours squished in the back with these two hooligans, a bag of yogurt covered pretzels and salt water taffy, mmm it was good. Then that night I went back to babysitting. Let's just say I didn't sleep much this weekend so today was so nice to sleep in! I could still be asleep if I let myself.
umm and last and certainly most random, this angry birds cake. I was once on the angry birds bandwagon...I still have the games and I still play them but not with as much enthusiasm. But if someone were to make me this cake without any flour, I wouldn't hate it.

Stay tuned for step 2...whatever that ends up being!

ALSO note, I changed my background to match my soon to be room! For more inspiration!



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