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Friday, March 11, 2011

RE: Inspiration

Let me preface this whole post with a few comments. When I was 13 years old my mom helped me choose a color to paint my very white room. I was never really into the pink thing so I chose blue then my mom found this technique to make it look like denim...SO I went away to attend a church camp called Trek. When I got back 3 days later stinky and tired and greasy, I walked into a completely clean/organized, painted and redone room. I was super excited for everything. She had bought a denim comforter and pillows, the whole 9 yards. Well that was 10 years ago..TEN. I have been wanting to change it since I was 15 or 16 and have made lots of plans to do so, but haven't yet. Sure I have changed my bedspread about 5 times and gotten a new bed, added new furniture and whathaveyou but I've never painted. I think now is the time. I need a change and the quicker the better! So this is my inspiration blog to actually get something done about it! It's a little intimating since I have so much stuff jammed in to such a small room but I need to purge anyways.

I have always loved the gray and yellow combo but never thought to put it in my room...but I bought this same comforter from Target last week and I love it. (Even though it totally doesn't go with blue walls....) Also I really want to get a rug for my room and the yellow one pictured here is perfect! I also haven't had a "real" bed like with a foot/headboard since I was 8 maybe...I just have the frame. So I really like this bed frame as well and there are some similar at Ikea I was looking at. One has drawers under it which would be perfect.

Maybe not the best for my room but I love the idea of a wall with this hanging on it. So unique and orange!

Over my bed (especially if I don't get a headboard) I want to hang an array of pictures like this. Maybe I could take pics of gray and yellow things and stick them in the frames.

another thing that wouldn't work in my room probably but I still love it. This letter wall is pretty cool.

I really want to paint 3 of my walls gray and have one different. I was thinking either yellow or maybe doing something like this would be cool? I really love this idea but my walls are pretty textured so it might not work..(side note, did you know that gray is the best color to paint a baby's room? It's allows their imaginations to grow or something like that...)
Or a pattern like this on a gray wall would be awesome too. just on one wall so it's not too overwhelming.

I would LOVE this track door to hide my closet but that's probably unrealistic. But it sure does look cool. I'll take the bathroom too while we're at it. Oh how I wish!

Then in one corner I want to have an array of different sized lanterns (or those tissue paper pom poms...) with maybe a small chair under them. I might have to start craigs-listing so this doesn't cost me a whole bunch of money!

ON the Ikea website they have a photo of one wall that has an array of different sized shelves. i would LOVE to have that and get rid of my desk that's currently taking up a lot of space. I'd still have storage for my overflowing books but it would look cooler...again I don't want to spend a lot of money though. Besides the bed I want to try to stay under $200...I have seen people transform ugly beat up and used items into amazing pieces so maybe I'll have to give it a go as well.

Wish me luck!


Kristin said...

I bet you could make those tissue paper pom poms. I love the yellow-gray combo too. I'm pretty jealous.

Me and My Boys said...

I too am obsessed I painted a dresser yellow, and can't wait to paint our wall gray. Good taste,I Love all you pictures. Here's my inspiration for it, You'll like it, it's yellow and gray.


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