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Sunday, April 11, 2010

How I Do.

i keep getting asked how i'm losing weight. well i'll tell you a (hopefully) condensed version. it's called the Prism diet. you have to buy books and go to meetings usually but i have two aunts who have done it so they just gave me their books and i do it on my own.
the basics:
first 6 weeks:
weigh and measure yourself first day write it all down no weighing until 6 weeks is up go ahead and measure though
NO SUGAR (not even splenda)

NO FLOUR (even whole wheat)(basically nothing good)

NO POTATOeS (even though they are a veggie)

write everything down that you eat, measure it, weigh it, write down how many calories in everything you eat. i chose to eat 1000cals/day it's probably more for men but women should probably do between 1000-1500 depending on if you work out or not.
drink at least 8 8oz. glasses of water a day. you will pee like a camel so don't say, drive to vancouver to see U2 in concert and get stuck in traffic for 4 bueno.

the book says to drink an extra 8oz of water per day for every 10 lbs you are overweight...false...drinking the minimum was hard enough. also crystal lite counts as water you just need to write the calories down i think it's 5 cals per serving.
you're not supposed to have diet soda but everyone else does but it doesn't count for your 8 glasses. i stopped drinking pop 3ish years ago, nasty stuff.

p.s. hopefully you like rice cakes----plain rice cakes. nasty things you can have all those you want bleh let's say i tried it several times and i would rather not eat than eat those cardboard discs.

you'll probably eat lots of salads so you can find sugar free salad dressing in the diabetic section of the grocery stores. you have to check the label on everything. the only sugar that's allowed is natural sugars found in fruit and blue agave (liquid stuff you can get at costco) and stevia (powder, i haven't tried it)

any sort of protein is OK i have lots of tuna and salmon in the cans from costco mixed with either pesto or lite mayo. also bun less burgers are gooood. just get a huge hunk of lettuce and wrap it up. i always use ground turkey. for one 6oz turkey burger it's 170 cals. for 1 6oz beef burger it's something like 380 cals. YIKES.

after 6 weeks you can add in 2 slices of whole wheat bread a day and 4oz potato 3x's a week. you can also add sugar free frozen desserts 3x's a week. hellllo fudgecicles!
then after another 6 weeks you can add whole wheat pasta.
veggies will become your BFF. hardly any calories for quite a bit of food.

which would you rather have?! candy doesn't interest me one bit anymore, i'm craving things like crossants and no bake cookies ;-).
hopefully this answers some questions but if you have any other ?'s feel free to ask.



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