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Sunday, December 1, 2013

30 Days

December?! No it's not time for you yet, it's still August and this is just a trick. Seriously!

So after church today I decided I was going to read the Book of Mormon cover to cover in 30 days this month. Cray. I'm not going to focus on studying out each thing like I typically do because then it will take me 300 days. I'm just going to read/listen. I've not been very good at it lately which is a bummer because I was almost too overboard with it earlier this year. I would spend 3+ hours a day on one or two chapters. That's great if you have that time. I don't.

Here is a bookmark I found online a few minutes back that I'll be using to keep me on track.
If you click on the bookmark, it will send you to the blog of the lady who made this where you can copy it. 
December is crazy. But what month isn't crazy? Thinking about this last year a month hasn't gone by without some big event or project happening. Things aren't going to 'slow down' so my excuses are invalid and lame. 
You can do a lot in 30 days! 

You make time for the things that matter most to you. Choose wisely friends!



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