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Monday, July 8, 2013

Throat Lozenges

After the last four weeks I think my body might be rebelling. It didn't enjoy the intense busyness it experienced. I don't even have words to describe how busy I have been. As I think back just a month I cannot imagine how I got everything done, and I got it all done without being admitted to an institution. I also managed to get 100%'s on my assignments/tests too which is good.
So now that life is (kinda) back to 'normal' my body is catching up to me and my throat is on fire. We had a house full of family last week and one cousin got a cold from another cousin and I suppose I was the next lucky one. My throat lozenges are making my mouth numb. That word reminds me of "Because of Winn Dixie".
Still don't have time to blog for reals. I'm 'working on homework'. Meaning, I don't know why I should have to find the slope of graphed points and figure out their intercepts. Ridiculously obnoxious.
I have a scrapbooking retreat this weekend, my birthday next week, then next weekend I am going to a Paul McCartney concert.
I'll officially be done with classes on July 28. Thank goodness.
This week I need to unpack from Minnesota and girls camp (yep, still living out of suitcases no judging). I need to renew my drivers license, call BYU to register for next semester and figure out all that craziness, make doc. appointments, complete my 2012-2013 training, finish reading a book and write a book report, all my other homework, and blog 40 more quotes on my quote blog. YIPPPPPIE!
Ughh I do not remember life telling me it was going to go crazy.



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