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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Things I Love Right Now

here are a few things i love right this minute in no particular order:
 (first I love the new blogger photo uploader!)
Orbits pina colada gum, it's like a party in my mouth. d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s.
my new scripture goodies i got in Utah (and the new scriptures) i got a color coding book to make sense out of all my scribbles, the BIG pack of eagle scripture crayons and the young women ribbon bookmark holder
our mission wall where we have Ty's countdown calendar, wednesday was his 2nd week in the MTC holla! and the It's Russia Time! clock we've had on our wall for a year for my aunt and uncle who are serving in russia. soon we will have another clock with It's Santiago Time! on it. i also love that Shelley just came up and pointed out that the clock on the wall is wrong...haha
homemade cauliflower soup in my favorite big red mug. it has like 54 calories a serving and it too is d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s. i also love that i adorned it with a few bacon bits. don't judge.

my new ROMY lace undershirt that i got for a whopping 5 bucks, originally 18. booya

i love the fact that these gummy bears and single york peppermint candy have been sitting on the counter mocking me and i don't have one desire to eat them. (well maybe one desire way back there covered in dust and spiders) 

i love that i get to teach a lesson to the YW on sunday. i usually teach once a month but since i've been gone i haven't taught since the beginning of August. i made little "first aid kits" to give to each of the girls and i'm going to make some Zopf (Züpfe) bread for them to eat that goes along with a poem. too bad i can't eat any. it's my favorite bread EVER.

i LOVE the Dove go fresh body mists i have two scents but this is my favorite so far. 

i love that i've been drinking all the water i'm supposed to (even though what's in there now is sugar free strawberry lemonaid). i keep half a lemon in the bottle so all my water is easier to get down. i love water but after so many glasses i get sick of it. (something i DON'T love...peeing every 5 minutes)

i love that we got our complete LOST series on blu-ray. i love the hidden compartments and the game it comes with. can't wait to watch it, i'm going to wait until Ty gets home from his mission in two years and have a marathon.

i love these stars that we made yesterday for YW activity. they are three dimensional. i have some big plans for these babies.

i also love that i will be getting the new ipod touch 64G  as soon as SOMEONE gets it in stock again. grrrrr i went on a hunt today but nobody had them in stock. 

i love that it's windy and rain-y outside and that the trees are starting to change colors. and the fact that bellwood farms is open and i can have my fill of honeycrisp apples that are the size of my head. no joke. one apple probably has half my daily calories. 

i love that i've lost six pounds since restarting my diet last monday. probably could be better if i would go to the gym buuuuut that's not always how i roll, though i should start rolling that way.
i'm sure there's more but that's just what i could come up with real quick-like. now i want more soup :(. i love the fact that i made lots extra last time and froze them in baggies and can have cauliflower soup whenever i please.

well actually i have one or two more, i LOVE the show the colony and i love that Survivor is back on and amazing Race starts sunday...i love me some good shows OK?!  oh and community is almost back on!

i love that i made indian curry last night and it still smells like it, BUT i don't like that there was no leftovers dangit!

i love this youtube video you gotta watch the original too she's CRAZY.

i love the song king of anything by sara barellis and i just discovered this girl called Lenka whom i enjoy also. thanks pandora


Michelle said...

hahaha I love your "I Love List"! Also, could you send me some of those bad boy honeycrisps! haha those apples are the BEST! And I think they are even better when your mom brings home the big box of them!!!!


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