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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It worked finally!

blogger wasn't working a little bit ago but i got it to work finally. but it'll be quick i have lots to do: first here are some cards i made. we went to my moms work and a couple of her co-workers and us each brough enough stuff for each person to make a couple cards

here's the one i came up with:

i always need birthday cards so this was good.
here is an apron i made. i started it last week but only cut the shape out, i finished it yesterday.

this is my new favorite book:

seriously AMAZING. if you want to look at it i'll let you borrow it (if i know you of course)
and last but certinaly not least, my new Canon 50D, i'm just a tad excited:
ok now i have to be off to get stuff done. i have lots to do but here i am wasting time again!


Natasha Holmquist said...

AHh I have wanted to get that hello cupcake book! Is it any good? have you made anything with it?

Amanda said...

oh my heck, it's amazing. i love love love it. it's my moms birthday today so i tried to make the sunflower cupcakes that are in there, but i failed terribly. i didn't let the icing harden a little before trying to decorate, then the ziplock back exploded on me. so we had bright green cupcakes with oreos and some random orange and yellow iceing all over. i didn't have the patience to do it but next time i'll actually follow the directions and do it right. but to answer your question, YES IT IS GOOOOOOD. i think heath needs some awesome cupcakes for his 1st birthday here in the next 6 months or so. =)


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