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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Easter Lesson

This last week I read a talk by Elder Bruce R. McConkie entitle, The Purifying Power of Gethsemane. As I read it I had an Easter lesson idea for Young Womens since Easter is also General Conference so we won't be at church.
Towards the end of his talk, Elder McConkie talked about three gardens, the Garden of Eden, the Garden of Gethsemane, and the Garden of the Empty Tomb. He said a little something about each garden and it hit me that talking about those three gardens could be a really cool way to learn about all of the events of the Atonement and relate to Easter as well. I still wasn't totally convinced to go this direction until I was in the car listening to a John Bytheway talk and he said something along the lines of, "the most important events in the world have happened in gardens." After hearing that I decided for sure to have that be my topic.

I had to come up with a way to present the lesson so it would be similar to the Come Follow Me curriculum where the girls could have a meaningful discussion and learn from each other as well as the scriptures. I ended up making a simple handout- not as "pretty" as I intended but that doesn't matter.

Here is a download-able PDF version of the handout if you're interested. I plan on using this to kick-start my personal study on these events and maybe someone else is interested too?

These pictures are from the media resources

I printed them out double-sided on card stock, folded them in half then cut on the dotted lines halfway across the page so it was like a little "flip book" of sorts. Probably not necessary but I like to complicate things :)

We had some reallllly good discussions. I broke the girls up into three groups and gave each group one of the gardens to learn about. They read the scriptures listed on the handout and the quotes in their groups. Then they all talked about what they learned from their study and why it's important to them personally. The girls had wonderful insights and I love when they share why different gospel aspects matter to them personally. I had some Easter videos to watch "just in case" but they all got really into studying about their garden and all shared really great insights which is so much more spiritual than showing them videos they can watch whenever (the videos are GREAT and they really do bring the spirit as well but I'm not about to interrupt teenage girls relating these gospel experiences to their real lives!) 

Anyways it was just really good and I'm really glad that I randomly came across that talk and totally randomly heard that John Bytheway comment. 

I hope you all (whoever you are!) have a wonderful Easter week.

Monday, January 26, 2015


I haven't blogged for awhile. I'm not sorry about it either. The last few months have been cray so I'm fine with my lack of blogging. Besides don't you know that instagram is totally the new way to "blog"?

I thought I should at least make a mention of an exciting thing that happened on November 20, 2014. #babybaby was born! Erika is my wittle baby niece and she's kind of cute. She likes me a lot. She smiles when I hold her and stares at me for uncomfortably long periods of time without blinking.

Here are some pictures of her cute face. She's just over two months old now and she already looks kind of different. She basically holds her head up and has rolled over a couple times. She must take after her gifted aunt. 

For the first couple weeks I thought she was part teletubby because the hat she always wore stuck up like Tinky Winky's triangle headpiece.

 Fear not! Alas, her head proved to be appropriately shaped.

 I teach her all sorts of things.
 We take naps after church on Sunday's
 One time it was Christmas Eve and she dressed up like Santa. That was cute.
 Christmas day she was all dressed up and ready to impress. She's smiling because she knows just how badly she got spoiled.

 We will have the "modesty" talk soon. Her big belly just wasn't going to be contained by those newborn pants....
 She got to go and visit her family in Minnesota at the beginning of January. It was very cold there but she's hot blooded so I think she was fine :)

 When she got back from Minnesota I swear she had gained a pound in 10 days and was as chunky and cute as ever.

And that is all for now. Hope you enjoyed the 542 pictures of #babybaby Erika :) I decided that she'll call me Auntie Favorite. It has a good ring to it.

Thursday, November 13, 2014


Last night for our mutual activity we did Personal Progress! Yay for that! All the girls really want to get into personal progress so we've been focusing on that a lot lately.

Our theme was temples mostly because I really wanted to make this craft and mostly because it's a great topic. Nicole found an experience that they could complete that night, Choice and Accountability #3 which she tied into the temple quite well. She printed a cute little handout as well- that I don't have a picture of :(

I saw something similar on Pinterest one time and I've been thinking about it. Should we give it as a gift? Should they make their own? We decided they should make their own.

We talked about it and we needed 36 pieces to make 12 temples and Kristy said she had a lot of spare siding that could be used. Then she's a genius and decided that was a ridiculous amount of work to cut all of those pieces so she went to the hardware store and bought garden stakes! (Not steaks :))
She bought 3 packs of 12" stakes, the "problem" was we needed two of the three stakes (per temple) to be be a bit shorter than the longer one. Again genius she asked one of the employees to cut 1.5" off the bottom of two of the boxes. He cut right through the box and had them all cut in a jiffy.

What we did was use quick dry wood glue and put the two shorter pieces on the table just a little ways apart. Then we put a bead of glue on each of the inside sides of those pieces then put the taller piece on top of them. You can mess with it a little bit until it looks like you want it to. Then put a book or something on it until it dries. While we waited we worked on the value experience and by the time that was done it was time to paint! Basic white paint. Easy.

This is one of the many reasons I'm thankful for a very competent presidency who take an idea that I really wanted to do and they are the ones that make it happen. School has been very time consuming lately and I've felt really inadequate at my calling because there are so many things I want to do but don't have time to do. Oh well it is actually good because it makes me rely on those around me more which is something I need to do. Learn to let go!

On to the pictures which is the most fun part!

 I made these little quote cards and printed them on card stock. They the girls tied them on with tulle once their temples were dry.
 Taking a break with a photo shoot at the end of the night. Some of the girls had already left.
Here is a closer picture of the quote I made. You can go HERE if you'd like to print off your own copy of this page. There are five to a page.

This is our take on someone else's idea but it's the "easy" version.

Oh PS happy 1 year to our presidency on November 3rd :)

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Things I love right now 2014 edition

I've done this kind of post in the past and it's always fun to look back and see the different random things that make me happy in the different 'seasons' of life. So here is my 2014 list- incomplete as it might be because there are lots of things to love. (Sorry if the pictures are all messed up I don't have time to figure it out)


Gardening and just being outside in general has become one of my favorite things this summer. I never knew I liked gardening but apparently I do. One day I randomly mowed the lawn (usually Sam's job) but I just wanted to so I did. I quite enjoyed it- haven't done it for YEARS since my brother's took it over. Except it hurt my hand to hold down the lever. Also BUTTERNUT SQUASH is one of my favorite food so we're growing LOTS of it this year :)

 I was never a huge fan of waffles or pancakes really growing up. I ate the occasional eggo waffle but that was it. Ummm Nicole has a super fancy waffle maker and I've decided I LOVE whole wheat waffles with strawberries and real maple syrup. I'm obsessed.


Baby things. I've been spending way too much money on baby things as of late. My brother Ty and his wife Jessica are going to have their first baby in November and I can't stop buying things which is expensive :) but I've also been loving all the funy baby gifts. I've not only been buying girl things but one of my good friends is having TWIN boys. She's actually due around the same time as Ty and Jessica but will probably have them mid October.

 Honey bees. This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone I love these little things. I study them. I know lots of "useless" facts that aren't really useless, maybe just boring to those who don't like honey bees like I do.

This picture is a two-fer. I love sweet potatoes. Especially sweet potato fries. I like this little baby :) He's our YW mascot. His mom is the 2nd Counselor in our YW presidency. I had never talked with Kristy before last November when they called me to be the YW President but as soon as our Bishop extended the calling her name popped into my head and I was confused because I knew nothing about her but I followed the feeling and am so very glad I did. Nobody knew it at the time but she was expecting this little guy at the time so when we found out it was a fun surprise!
 This is a picture of our YW Presidency (minus Dixie our secretary). I'm really grateful that both of these girls agreed to do this whole YW presidency with me because they do A LOT and I would be sitting in a corner sucking my thumb without their help/support! This pic was taken a few weekends ago at our stake's youth carnival. We had the topic of entertainment and media and we found out that our ward needed to provide a booth with an activity two days before the activity. So naturally we made our own shirts first. Priorities. They say #sharegoodness. Camden had to represent with # with his onesie too of course :) We had a 'selfie booth' and a quote game.

 I've been really adventurous with my clothing choices as of late. It's kind of embarrassing but I don't know much about fashion, never have so I just go with it.

 Personal Progress! I've always liked personal progress but I've developed a deeper appreciation for it over the last year. I actually just finished it for the 2nd time this last week so I've earned the fancy new medallion :)

 This is weird but we had a 'book' baby shower party for Kristy so I ordered several funny baby books (meant mostly for the parents) but this one ended up in my cart for me and it's pretty funny.

 Speaking of ordering and buying things. I'm obsessed with Amazon. Like for reals. I go on there almost every day even if it's just to browse. I order a lot of things for work as well. Plus you can't beat free 2 day shipping and if you're in a pinch $3.99 one day shipping :)

 I haven't drank pop for many many years and I've never really been a juice drinker either and I never ever drink milk (gag me) but I love these crystal lite liquid water flavors. My very favorites are strawberry lemonaid, pineapple coconut (or something like that), and blackberry lemonaid.
 #'s are a big thing right now. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, just random everyday conversation :) I especially like the hashtag #sharegood.
 I don't know that this is any healthier than regular mac and cheese but it's pretty delicious.
 Instagram is my social media of choice. It's a photo sharing app that's like twitter but for pictures. I love seeing friends pictures and I'll be honest I post a little too often :)
 SUPER excited for Apple's announcement this Tuesday where they announced the new iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 plus. Preordering begins tonight at midnight. It's a big decision and as you can see below I've been taking my options very seriously. The top left corner is what I'm working with now the 4s then the 5s and then the two new 6's. Super exciting.

 Jimmy Fallon. I've always loved him but especially lately with the Tonight Show. I was pretty sad when I realized he was married lets be honest. He's hilarious.
 I love writing. I've started writing many books (maybe 6ish now) some of them are close to being fully written but nobody else has ever read them. It's just a fun hobby. I love being lost in my own made up world.
 I enjoy watching netflix sometimes. TV shows or movies but I don't do it very often. But I do love that the option is there.
 My favorite shampoo/conditioner for the last couple years is Lavender Mint by tea tree. It smells so good.
 ANOTHER social media type site...I need to get a life. But I love Pinterest...too much.

 This author's name is Sarah Eden and I love everything she's every written and I buy her books as soon as they come out. I do not hesitate, or even read the book description. I know it will be wholesome, funny, entertaining, with great characters and plots. They are considered Regency Romance books. I highly recommend her. Karen Witemeyer is another author who writes similar books but they're mostly set in the United States in the 1800's but it's the same idea :)
 Speaking of books. This app is called ^^ and it's like Netflix but for books. It's $8.99 a month and gives you unlimited access to all of their ebooks. They don't have everything but I've found lots to read. They have every genre and are adding more all the time. I signed up for a free trial and never cancelled it :)

 Pad Thai. I love food can you tell? I make pad thai all the time and it's become a family favorite. YUMM

I've also gotten back into sewing now that I bought my own old school Bernina machine. The other day I ordered a bunch of 5x5 fabric packs and have begun making another quilt. All the pieces are ready I just need to sew them together.

And that my friends is it. WHOA if you read that all you need a high five and a life ;) jkjk but really I go on and on but this is like my journal and I haven't written in it for awhile. So there's a few aspects of my life at this moment in time.


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